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"Opportunities don't happen.

You create them."

-Chris Grosser

From the small self-starter, to the modest non-for profit, to the flourishing fortune 500 company,  the one thing all businesses have in common is their desire to save time and save money. As a seasoned CPA, Pamela acknowledges these needs and builds her services around them.

From the well-established enterprise to the independent self-stater company, Pamela is confident in taking on the responsibilities needed to assist you in helping to keep your company running efficiently. 
All great companies desire to evolve. The greatest companies evolve by answering three critical questions:  what resources should we begin to spend money on, what resources should we stop spending money on, and what resources are we currently spending money on that assist the company in achieving its goals?  Along with determining the answers to these vital questions, one must also be able to accurately and effectively compose and analyze financial data.  Pamela is the CPA that will assist in the development and analysis of the company’s financial statements and help management to understand what the company is capable of achieving.
Services Offered to Include:
     Account Analysis
     Bank Reconciliations
     Financial Statement Preparation & Analysis
     Budget Preparation
     Part-time CFO/CPA
Business Formation
     Business Formation
Are you prepared to legally structure your company according to current regulations? Although selecting a business structure is not a permanent decision, it is an essential step in establishing a company. Are you willing to take on this responsibility in house, or are you in need of a CPA with the knowledge to accurately guide you on the path necessary to propel your company forward? Trust in a CPA with decades of knowledge and experience in this area, and you'll never have to worry!
Quickbooks Training
     -Online Version
     -Desktop Version
Tax Preparation
     -Schedule C 
     -S & C Corporation   
     -Nonprofit Tax Preparation
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