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IRS's Return Verification Process - Letter 4883C

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

Hello Family! So I'm seeing several clients who are receiving the above notice from the IRS - Letter 4883C (IRS's Return Verification Process) requesting that they verify their identity and tax return for the year. Due to the increase in identity theft and hackers, it is causing the IRS and other agencies to increase scrutiny. Please don't be alarmed by this request but if you receive a notice requesting that you contact anyone other than a valid IRS agency (all valid IRS website addresses should end in Please don't respond. Instead forward the notice to me immediately! Additionally the telephone number for contacting the IRS concerning this matter is 800-830-5084. Finally you should never provide anyone any information who calls claiming to be an IRS Representative over the telephone. They most always begin by sending a notice. Please contact us with ANY questions or concerns. Thank you!

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