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Introducing Pamela S Ford, CPA, (P)LLC

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

Good day everyone! My name is Pamela S. Ford. I'm the Sole Practitioner/Member of Pamela S. Ford Cpa, (P)LLC.

I've practiced Accounting for 25 plus years with experience in a wide range of areas from Public Accounting to Private Industry. Graduated Summa Cum Laude from The University of Missouri St. Louis, Sat and Passed the Cpa Exam (all 4 parts then) upon the 1st attempt, and worked for one of the World's Big Four Firms at that time, Arthur Anderson.

After gaining all of this experience, I though it was time to finally venture off on my own. So I decided to open my 1st Office in St. Louis, Missouri in 2018 specializing in Accounting and Tax for Individuals, Small to Medium Sized Businesses, and Nonprofits. We just recently expanded operations in 2021 by opening our 2nd Office in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Our firm sets itself apart by attempting to provide superior services at a more affordable rate. You will work directly with me, a seasoned professional, who pays attention to detail and works hard to make certain everything that leaves my desk meets a triple rated review for Quality, Compliance, and Accuracy. This means your needs are heard and your best interest is of utmost importance. We keep our client base small so that when you call you get to speak with a real human being on the other end. Then we go past providing the product at hand to consider the future implications of what we're doing and how changes in the landscape will impact you. As I tell all of my clients don't be surprised if you receive a text, email, or phone call in the evening or on the weekend to update you to some important change or benefit that I thought might be advantageous to you.

We are very excited to be entering the 2023 Tax Season. We are geared and ready making certain that we are available and prepared to continue to provide you with the most superior services. To that end we have made ourselves abreast of the changes in tax reform that will impact you. This will assist us in making sure that you are taking advantage of the best strategies available to you, those that fit your individual tax scenario. Secondly, we are positioning ourselves to make certain that returns are processed as fast as possible while maintaining a high level of accuracy. Our goal is to deliver a completed return within 1 week of submission of all documents.

Thank you for taking the time to explore the opportunity of working with our firm. We are delighted to have you visit us and look forward to meeting you personally. Please schedule a Free Online Consultation at our website See you soon!

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